artist and professional oc enthusiast

Hiya! I'm Gene, but you may know me by my full name gene "genebeanz" icecreampizzer. I'm 22, I go by she/her pronouns, and I'm a self-taught artist who loves to draw characters and daydream stories! Currently focusing on making silly stories for my ocs.Feel free to reach me through these links! Arranged by most to least active, more or less!look at my ocs boy

oc lineup

Here's a couple of my Top Blorbos! Their names are linked to their neocities profiles.Back to Home

a silly lil time machine.

WHORE. i love him

most outstanding bestie

who is who?

girl. the horrors

most regular teen on earth

this milf is NOT cooking

daisy voice i will kiss his flat face

WIP. MORE TO COME. feel free to ask me anything about any one of my ocs though